Meet Our Recipients


"Hey there! My name is Ella. I am a four-year-old Great Pyrenees. Last month I decided to go explore our neighborhood on my own. Big mistake. I don't know how they didn't see me, but I was hit by a car. I had no broken bones but I was bruised inside and out. In fact, I was bleeding internally. I needed a blood transfusion right away. Lucky for me I was at the right place. CARE CENTER HAS A BLOOD BANK JUST LIKE A HUMAN HOSPITAL! I spent the next week at Care Center and am now fully recovered."


"Hello my name is Savannah. I am a four-year-old cocker spaniel. A couple months ago I was feeling lethargic and weak. I was diagnosed with immune mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA). This is a disease where my immune system is confused and doesn't recognize my own red blood cells. It thinks that my red blood cells are something foreign, like bacteria, and starts destroying them. Red blood cells are important for taking oxygen to all parts of the body. The only way I can stay alive is if I get more blood! So, my parents took me to Care Center where they have a blood bank. I'm alive today because of the generous blood donations at the Care Center blood bank."


"My name is Bella. Bella means beautiful! I am a seven-year-old Westie. Last year I got very sick. Care Center did some tests and I was diagnosed with immune mediated thrombocytopenia (ITP) and gastrointestinal hemorrhage. For some reason my immune system became confused and started attacking my own platelets. My platelet count was very low. Platelets are important for blood clotting. I was bleeding into my intestines. I needed a blood transfusion to save my life. Fortunately the folks at Care Center have a blood bank. I felt so much better immediately after the transfusion. Thank you Care Center!"