Meet the K9 LifeLine Team of Donors

Hundreds of lives have been saved because of the kindness of our donors.  We’d like you to meet a few of our very special friends:


Having worked in the veterinary field for many years, I have been witness to many occasions where a pet was in need of a blood transfusion. I have seen first hand the often difficult process of ensuring those blood products are available when needed as there just isn't enough supply in many regions of the country. Knowing that many pets in our area are reliant upon a blood supply as far away as California inspired me to become active in a local donor program with my own pets. I am very proud of my dog Buckley's participation as a canine blood donor with the Care Center Animal Blood Bank, and hope that Bob, the newest addition to our canine family, turns out to be an eligible donor when he reaches maturity as well.

— Angie G.


As a veterinarian, Dr. Susan knew how important it was to have blood
available for pets. However, she didn't know that there was a blood bank opening up in Cincinnati! As soon as she heard about it, Dr. Susan wanted her beautiful dog Anakin to become a donor. He was the very first donor for the Care Center Animal Blood Bank and became our Team Leader.

Dr. Susan is proud of her boy and what he has done to promote this
worthwhile cause!

— Susan Giovengo and Anakin



Meet Rhino, 3.5 year old male American Pit Bull Terrier. Rhino was rescued by his owner Chelsea, from the Highland County Dog Pound when he was one. Since then they have been the best of friends. Rhino has been trained as a service dog and is now a member of our Blood Bank so that he could be a part of saving dogs lives too. Chelsea knew that with Rhino¹s calm and easy going temperament he would be perfect for the job. Rhino is such a good boy when he comes in to donate and is happy to get his treats and play ball before and after his donations. We are happy to have Rhino and his family as part of our team!


Liz Gantzer has been a blood donor herself for many years, so when she heard about the Care Center Animal Blood Bank,  it was natural for her to have her Pitbull-Bassett Mix, Shorty Big Head screened to be a donor too.  "There is no substitute for blood - human or canine, so it is essential that a supply be banked for emergencies. Shorty and I are both glad to be part of the effort to help."

— Liz